To stay in a doomed relationship (trouble) or strike out on your own (double)? Emily Ng wrestles the age-old question in “Hard to Go,” the debut single of the Nevil guitarist’s new project, Never. The track pairs a snaking bassline and buzzing synths with the singer’s aloof delivery, as if king slacker Stephen Malkmus found himself fronting contemporary post-punks Automatic. “Don’t wanna let you go, but mostly I just don’t wanna be alone,” goes the aromantic refrain. Rounded out by members of Nuclear Daisies, Luna Luna, and Thelma & the Sleaze, the five-piece becomes the latest signee to Feels So Good Records. – Carys Anderson, The Austin Chronicle


3/16 @ FSG Records w/ Divino Nino & Dumbo Gets Mad

4/23 @ Hotel Vegas w/ Alexalone